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The Benefits of A High-End Penis Pump for Men

Vaxaid: A High-End Pump for Men

Penis pumps can be an embarrassing subject for men. There is a lot of stigma around topics of sexual health. Almost all men who have erectile dysfunction (ED) should be using a penis pump. Men who don’t have ED can do a lot to prevent it by using a penis pump regularly. 

My Recommended Pump

The Vaxaid Penis Pump
The Vaxaid Penis Pump

What Does a Penis Pump Do?

The penis pump draws blood into the penis using negative pressure. When you pump air or water out of the chamber, blood fills the penis. When you release the negative pressure, the blood drains out of the penis. 

There are three reasons you may want to use a pump. The first is to achieve an erection for sex; the second, and probably the most important is to rehabilitate the tissues in the penis; the third is to maintain healthy tissue to prevent getting ED.

Most men with ED will stop getting nocturnal erections. The purpose of nocturnal erections is to get the blood flowing into the penis, allowing the tissues to remain healthy. When this stops happening, over time, the tissues become unhealthy and less elastic, making it more challenging to get and maintain an erection.

Regularly using a penis pump allows men with ED to maintain healthy tissues. If the tissues are unhealthy, rehabilitation is still possible. It may take a while to rehab the tissue, so it’s essential to pump regularly to keep the blood flowing to the tissues. Rehab is a marathon, not a sprint.

For men who do not have ED but want to prevent getting it, they can use pumping to maintain the health of the tissues in the penis. 

Types of Pumps

There are two general categories of pumps and how they create negative pressure: those that pump out air from the chamber and those that pump out water. Thus, they are called air pumps and water pumps, respectively. 

Both have pros and cons, but the doctors I consulted believe water pumps are more therapeutic. The advantage of air pumps is mostly convenience. You can use the Vaxaid either way. You can incorporate a water pump into your bathing routine with access to a private bath or shower. If you are traveling or are pressed for time, you can use it as an air pump. 


The research on using penis pumps for rehabilitation primarily focused on men with prostatectomies (surgery to remove all or part of the prostate gland). After surgery, the nerves to the penis are usually traumatized, preventing those men from getting erections.   

Because the men are not getting erections, particularly nocturnal erections, a pump keeps the tissues healthy while the nerves heal. Generally, it’s best if the men start using a pump immediately, but even if it’s been years since the surgery, successful rehabilitation is still possible using a penis pump.

The Takeaway From the Research

The takeaway of the research is that any man not getting erections will have the same issues maintaining healthy tissues, and the penis pump can be used as an effective way to maintain healthy tissue and rehabilitate unhealthy tissue.

Okay, How Do I Get Started?

Okay, so if you have ED or wish to take preventative measures, I hope you now understand the benefit of pumping and are considering getting a pump and using it. There are countless brands and models of penis pumps. I have tested quite a few, and most I threw away. So you won't have to find one through trial and error, I recommend the best pump I’ve used.

My Recommend Pump is The Vaxaid

Consider a penis pump an investment in your sexual health. Go with a pump with a solid track record for quality and reliability. I’m recommending the pump, and I currently use the Vaxaid.

Why do I Recommend Vaxaid?

It is rock-solid and built to last. I’ve tried many poorly constructed and easily broken pumps. The Vaxaid is a pump you can rely on. The people at Vaxaid are confident enough in their product to give a two-year warranty if you register the product.

It is reliable. I’ve tried many pumps that just didn’t work. The Vaxaid just works, and you can depend on it.

It is versatile and can be used as both an air and a water pump.


If you have or want to prevent erectile dysfunction, invest in a good pump, and if I wasn’t clear, the Vaxaid is a great pump that I enthusiastically recommend. So get one and start improving your sexual health.


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