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Vitamin D and K, Why Take Them Together?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Most people suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. If you are taking vitamin D, consider supplementing it with vitamin K.

Bottles of vitamin D and K.
Vitamin D and K should be taken together!

Recommendations for Taking Vitamin D

The recommendation to take vitamins K and D has to do with how these two nutrients interact in the body, particularly in bone and cardiovascular health. Here are a few key points to understand:

  • Bone health: Both vitamin D and vitamin K play significant roles in maintaining bone health. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium from the diet, while vitamin K2 (a specific form of vitamin K) helps to direct the absorbed calcium to the bones and teeth, where it's most needed, and keep it from depositing in the arteries, kidneys, and other soft tissues.

  • Cardiovascular health: Inadequate vitamin K can lead to an increased risk of calcification in the arteries, contributing to heart disease. By helping to direct calcium into the bones, vitamin K can also help to prevent this arterial calcification. Vitamin D's role in calcium absorption again intertwines with the role of vitamin K here.

  • Synergistic effect: Some research suggests that these two vitamins work together synergistically. That means the presence of one helps enhance the function of the other. Therefore, combining them may help to optimize their benefits.

  • Safety considerations: High levels of vitamin D can raise the amount of calcium in your blood. Without enough vitamin K to keep this calcium in check, there may be an increased risk of calcification in areas where it's not desired.

These two vitamins are intricately connected and taking them together may maximize their health benefits and ensure safety. As always, it's best to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplementation regimen.

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